Donate Goods


Solanco Historical Society welcomes donations of goods to its current historical collection, such as: 

            Artifacts, books, news articles, postcards and photographs representative of early life in the southern Lancaster area. This area includes the Borough of Quarryville and the Townships of Bart, Colerain, Drumore, East Drumore, Eden, Fulton, Little Britain, Providence and Sadsbury. We would like to add to our collection and our Archives Committee encourages current and former residents to donate these types of items when cleaning out attics, basements, closets, sheds and barns from your or relatives' household, farming or business goods.  Old wooden farming tools and equipment are especially desired.  Please see or talk with our President or one of our archivists at (717) 548-2679 if you have items to donate. Pick-up of items can be arranged.  Your donation will be preserved for future generations to view, enjoy and learn about the history of the Southern End.

           Don't throw it out - donate!  The value of your historical donation is tax-deductible since we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.