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Mission Statement

                      Mission Statement  
                           of the
         Southern Lancaster County 

                 Historical Society         

        Visitors entering the Robert Fulton Birthplace.

Formed in 1970, the Southern Lancaster County Historical Society, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization with a mission:
      • To research local history and ancestry;
      • to educate members and the public about the significance of Southern Lancaster County;
      • to preserve and maintain historical documents, records and artifacts of our local heritage so that these treasures are not lost to future generations; and
      • to preserve, maintain and provide tours of the Robert Fulton Birthplace, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (#66000670) in 1966, as well as other historic buildings on the birthplace property.

Member-volunteer Vernon Ringler provides a
guided tour of the Robert Fulton Birthplace.