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Genealogy & Research

General Information

        Thanks to recent upgrades to our computer system, the Solanco Historical Society's archivists are in the process of scanning our historical documents and photographs to improve access to our archives.  The Society would especially like to thank the Pennsylvania Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, for their generous donation towards our computer system in 2015 in order for us to begin the digitization of our records.  Since their donation, our archivists have preserved a wealth of photographs and written records in digitized format as well as the former hard copies which are available to visitors to our headquarters. Please see Family Research & Rates for current charges.  See our Home page or the About Us/Operating Hours section for available times. 

        Deed Research:   Lancaster County deeds can be researched online at www.lancasterdeeds.com, "Search Public Records" and click on "IQS Infodex".  Note that you can search by name, document or date.

Above: President and Archivist Stan White conducting business at the archives warehouse