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Family Research & Rates

             FAMILY RESEARCH/GENEALOGY can be conducted at the Society's archives warehouse at these times with some assistance from one of our archivists:

              -  Throughout the year on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 to noon, or
              -  Between September and May on the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month from 9:00 to noon.

                 There is a $5.00 research fee for non-members as well as copying fees for all; see below for a list of the copying fees.    
             PLEASE NOTE:  Copies of the Society’s archival records are permitted for personal use only.  Any copies intended for commercial applications must have the written permission of the Directors of the Southern Lancaster County Historical Society and the author(s) of copyrighted books. 

 are determined as follows:                                                                               

Black and white copies:  20¢ per page

                 2-sided copies:  30¢ per sheet

                 Color copies:  30¢ per page

                 Photos, photo paper:  $5.00 per page

                 Photos, plain paper:   $4.00 per page 

                                       Scanning  pages onto your laptop, 
                                       thumbdrive or other device: 10¢ per page         

 by one of our archivists is charged at $15.00 per hour for members and $20.00 per hour for non-members.  Having one of our archivists perform all of the research is a convenience for those who live at a great distance and it saves on travel expenses.  There is no minimum time but the payment should be made upon completion of the work, preferably with the first hour paid upon ordering.  Payments for extensive research can be made by cash (in person), check, or online by credit card through PayPal.  

THE PAYPAL CART for extensive research performed by one of our archivists is below: