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Schools of Southern Lancaster County and Vicinity


Historical information on the following schools can be found in the Southern Lancaster County Historical Society’s collection:


Amity School

Ashland School

Bart-Colerain Elementary

Bowery School

Brick School

Buck School

Cedar Grove School/Cedar Hill

Cherry Hill School

Chestnut Level Academy

Clearfield School

Colerain High School

Clermont Elementary


Drumore Elementary

Drumore High School

East Drumore High

Eastland School

Educational tidbits 

F&M College

Fulton High School


Goshen School

Harmony School


Hickory School

Histories of earlier schools

Home School

Indian Rock School

Items pertaining to more than one school (Prior to 1950)

Kirkwood School

Laurel Hill School

Little Britain Elementary

Little Britain High School

Locust Grove School

Martic School

Millersville University

Mount Eden School

Mount Hope School

Mount Pleasant School

New Providence School

Oregon School

Osceola School

Pleasant Grove School

Plum Hill School

Post Tree School

Prospect School

Providence Elementary

Quarryville Elementary

Quarryville High School

Quarryville Middle School

Rawlinsville School


Rising Sun School

Rock Springs School

Rosedale School

Ross Hill School

Salem School

Smith Middle School

Solanco High School

Sports, School (Prior to 1950)

Sports, School (1950 to Present)

Summer Hill School

Swift Middle School


Teachers Institute

Union High School

White Plain School

Winter Hill School

Unity School