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Librarian Miriam Homer

091.5A Autographs - Hannah Russell 

091.5A Autographs – Priscilla Stubbs 1857 

091.5A Autographs - Annie Smedley 1859 

191.5A Autographs – Charles Smedley 

191.5 Album of Mercy Stubbs 1843 [m. 1856 Mark Haines, dau. Daniel Stubbs & Jane [Moore]

139F Fowler, O.S., Instruction in Phrenology and Physiology, Fowler, 1859, 176p. 

154 F Fowler, O.S., Memory and Intellectual Improvement, Fowler & Wells, 1847, 231p. illus.

160K Kirk, Claudia Kay, Mail Lady of Paradise, self-published, 2010

170E Economy of the Human Life; Translated from an Indian Manuscript, S. Babcock, 1845, 160p.

170T Trine, Ralph Waldo, In Tune with the Infinite; Of Fullness of Peace, Power, and Plenty. Crowell, 1897, 222p.

220G Green, S.G. Bible Portraits; Or Nine Short Addresses to Children, Perkinpine & Higgins

231Young Lady’s Sunday Book; The Christian Duties of Piety, Benevolence and Self Government, Desilver, 1836

Librarian Miriam Homer

231 Christian Advices; Published by the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends, Kimber & Conrad, Publishers, Market St. 1808

232.9K Kent, Charles Foster, The Life and Teachings of Jesus, Scribner, 1913, 373p.

240K   Kraybill, Donald B. & Nolt, Steven Weaver-Zercher, David L., Amish Grace, How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2007, 237p.

248.3F Fenelon, A Guide to True Peace: Or, the Excellency of Inward and Spiritual Prayer, Chapman, 1839 103p.

262.4C Clark, Robert L. comp. A History of the Presbytery of Westminster and Its Antecedents; 1732-1924, Historical Com. 1924, 545p. illus.

264.4C Clark, Robert L. comp. A History of the Presbytery of Westminster and Its Antecedents; 1732-1924, Historical Com. 1924, 545p. illus.

280B Bernotsky, R. L. Upon this Rock-Celebrating Forty Years; A History of Black Rock Retreat, 1954 – 1994, 112p. illus.

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281M Munroe, Sandie, Keelee’s Other Family, Masthoff Press, 2006, 82 p.

284G Glass, Daniel G. ed. History of the Classes of Lancaster of the Lancaster Eastern Synod of the Reformed Church in the U.S. 1852-1940, New Holland Clarion

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285U Union History Committee, The Union; a History of the Union United Presbyterian Church; 1816-1980, Wickersham, 1980, illus. 

285Y York First Presbyterian Church: Two Hundred Years; 1762-1962, 46p. illus.

285.1G Presbyterian  Gayley, Samuel A., An Historical Sketch of the Lower West Nottingham Presbyterian Church, Published by the Congregation, 1865, 66p.

286.5M Mechanic Grove; Church of the Brethren, A Century of Service at the Grove; 1897-1997, 135p. illus

      287R  Methodist Church, The 100th Session of Rawlinsville Camp Meeting; 1886-1985

287M  The Sunday School Children by T. Mason & T. Lane, J. Collord, 1837, 22p.

287M  Homecoming October 14, 2007 Pleasant Grove Church, Illus.

289.6F Forbush, Bliss, A History of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends; Three Hundred Years of QuakerismBaltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1972, 174p. illus.

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289.7 B -  Brechbill, Fannie S. – Revisiting Grammie, Masthof Press, 2006 156p.

289.7O – Oyer, John – “They Harry the Good People Out of the Land!” Essays on the Survival and Flourishing of Anabaptists and Mennonites, Mennonite Historical Society 2000

289.7 Hiestand, Esther Mae Longenecker, Pitchforks and Pitchpipes A Portrait of a Lancaster County Mennonite Family, Heistand Publishers, Marietta, PA 1990, 490 p. illus.

290S Stapleton, Gary, In Other Words, a Philosophy for Living c 160p. illus.

290S Stapleton, Gary, In Another’s Words, a Philosophy for Living, 160p. illus.

340 General Laws of the Order of United American Mechanics of the United States of North America, Lancaster, PA, 1875, 102p.

362.19B Burgess, Perry, Who Walk Alone, Holt, c 1940. 308p. We Sing to Thee; A History of Millersville University, M.U. of PA, 2004 261p, illus.

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366.18G Eastern Star General Grand Chapter, Ritual of the Order Eastern Star; published by the authority of the General Grand Chapter, 1890, 136p. 


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383 Postal Laws and Regulations of the United State of America, Washington, DC, 1924, 706p.

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425 B Brown, Gold, Book of Grammar, Wood 300p.

425F Five Hundred Mistakes of Daily Occurrence in Speaking and Writing the English Language, Corrected, Burgess, 1856, 739

425K Kirkham, Samuel, English Grammar in Familiar Lectures, McElrath and Bangs, 1829, 228p.

511B. Brooks, Edward, The New Normal Mental Arithmetic, Sower, c1873, 176p.  Fred Stubbs Brown Collection

511C Colburn, Warren, Intellectual Arithmetic, Reynolds, 1821, 172p.

511P Peck, William G., Complete Arithmetic; Theoretical and Practical, Barnes, 1877, 397p.

511R Rose, John, A Key to Rose’s Explanatory and Practical Arithmetic, Sower & Barnes 1851, 193p.

511T Ticknor, Almon, The Columbian Calculator; Being a Practical and Concise System of Decimal Arithmetic, Kay and Troutman, 1846 264p 2copies

520S Sharpless, Isaac, Astronomy for Schools and General Readers; 3rd ed. 303p. illus.

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Smeltzer, Gerald, Canals Along the Lower Susquehanna, Historical Society of York County, 1963. 140p. iIllus.

At the Head of the Chesapeake Bay, A Cultural and Architectural History of Cecil County, MD, compiled by Pamela James Blumgart & contributors Mark Walston, Paul Baker Touart, and others, The Cecil County Historical Society Trust, Inc. Crownsville, MD, 1996.



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 693 The Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pennsylvania Birdlife, Harrisburg, 1952


610 Country Doctors of Oxford, Pennsylvania, Oxford Historical Association, 2008, 69p. illus.

610.1 Visiting Nurse Association 1908-1958, Lancaster, PA , 13p. illus,

610.11 Transition of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania at its 34th Annual Session, Vol. 15, 1883

613J Jacques, D.H. Hints Toward Physical Perfection, Fowler & Wells, 1859, 244p. illus.

DISEASES – Control of Specific

614.5L – Lindlahr, H. – Nature Cure; Philosophy & Practice Based on the Unity of Disease & Cure, Nature Cure Pub co, 1919 422p.

616J Johnston, William, The Good Samaritan; or the Sick Man’s Friend. Philadelphia, 1841, 287p.

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621.6  Ice Harvesting Machinery and Tools, General Catalog, Hudson, NY 1919, illus.

622.354 Behre, Charles H., Slate in Pennsylvania, Department of Internal affairs, c.1933, 400p. illus.

623.824S Server, Dean, The Golden Age of Steam, Smithmark, 1996, 80p. illus.


623 - Busch, John Laurence, Steam Coffin, Captain Moses Rogers and The Steamship Savannah Break the Barrier, Hodos Histotria, 2010, 726 p.. illus.

625K Kline, Benjamin F.G., Little, Old and Slow, The Life and Trials of the Peach Bottom and Lancaster, Oxford and Southern Railroad, Lancaster, 1985, 76p, illus.

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625W White, Stanley T., Peach Bottom Railway, L.O. & S. Vol. II, 2006, 65p. illus.

625W/R A Railroad for the “Southern End,” Pictures, Timetables, Rare Documents and all the News of the Little, Old & Slow Pennsylvania’s First Narrow Gauge Railroad, Mike Roth & Stanley T. White, 2013, 479p. illus.

625.26B Broadbelt, Herbert, The Baldwin Locomotive Works, Negative collections, Railroad Museum of PA 211p.

629.234T Teschmachaer, J. Henry, ed, Practical Sheet Metal Work and Demonstration Patterns, Williams and Co. c1912, 148p. illus.


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Fulton House Day Book, 1854, 1859-1865658.8H Haines, William, Pleasant Grove, Lancaster County, PA Day Book 1846-1847.

658.8M McCullough, Haines,
Pleasant Grove Sales Records 1845, 1846, 1851

658.8M McCullough, Haines
Pleasant Grove Day Book 1849-1850

658.8S Swift, John W.,
Fulton House; 2nd Day Book for 1854

Wakefield Store & Post Office, Lancaster County Ledger 1890-91

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The Historical Supply Catalogue by Alan Wellikoff

Turkey Hill a Family Vision, Schiffler Publishing, Atglen, PA, 2006, 64p. illus.

664.72L Lord, Arthur C.,
Water Powered Grist Mills, Lancaster County, PA, White Oak Printing Co. 1996, 87p. illus.

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Potters and Fire Brick Makers of Cecil County, MD and Nearby 1750-1950, History in Print, Masthoff Press, Morgantown, PA, 134p illus.

666T Treadway, Gerald L.,
Parkesburg Bottles, 2009, 138p., Illus.

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Annual Report of the Secretary of Internal Affairs of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Part III Industrial Statistics, Vol X 1881-82, State Binder, 1883. 167p

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The Silver Mine!, Xlibris Corp. 2009,369p.

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Julius Schramm Workshop Report, Skipjack Press, Drexel Hill, PA, 1996, 24p. illus.

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Made in Pennsylvania, An Overview of the Major Historical Industries of the Commonwealth, Commonwealth of PA57 pages, ilus.

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Veteran and Vintage Cars, Westbrook House, London, 1963, 160p illus.



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808.8A Atlantic Souvenir for 1831, Carey & Lea 1831, 328p. Smedley Collection

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