Railroads in the Southern End

Railroads in the Southern End

          In March 1868, the Governor of Pennsylvania signed a charter for the Peach Bottom Railway Company to be built in the southern end of Lancaster County.  “The Peachey” carried passengers over the line for 50 years, until 1919.   

         Beginning in the mid-1870’s, a railroad line was planned by the Lancaster & Reading Narrow Gauge Railroad Company to build a route from Lancaster to Quarryville but it was purchased by the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company before being built.  

       Trains provided a means of transporting iron ore, Peach Bottom slate, produce and lime to Lancaster for distribution to other points via mainline trains.  Passengers were transported much faster by train so they could shop, consult doctors and visit relatives and friends in the larger towns of Lancaster, Oxford and later the cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New York. 1890’s train schedules show trips between Quarryville and Lancaster being completed in just under an hour. 

          Trolleys also provided transportation to Lancaster and Oxford so passengers could enjoy a shortened trip as compared to horse and carriage travel.

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Books on the History of Southern End Railroads

The following books provide detailed information about Southern End railroads:             

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